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Garry St. Leger

Kano Martial Arts NYC / Judo & Jiu Jitsu
Garry St. Ledger in front of the Jigaro Kano Philosophy at Kano Martial Arts NYC in Chelsea
3x  US national champion
3x  US Open medalist
3x   Pan American medalist
2008 Olympic alternate
2010 Us world team Member
Born and Raised in Brooklyn, New York. Began doing Judo with his twin brother at 8 years old with 1992 Haitian Judo Olympian Parnel Legros. Parnel Legros was a student of legendary Rusty Kanekogi and Mr. Kanekogi.  Garry continued training and competiting in judo throughout his youth into adulthood traveling all around the United states and world and eventually became ranked nationally and internationally.  In 2006,  Garry won his 1st National title making him ranked number one in the United States.  This soon propelled him to a bigger stage on the International judo circuit.  From there in 2008,  Garry went  On to become an Olympic alternate for Beijing And be part of the US world team in 2010 with Shintaro Higashi.  Shintaro and Garry have been friends for almost 20 + years.  Throughout the years they have competed in many States and many countries together.