March Member Highlight

March Member Highlight

At Kano Martial Arts, we are proud of the diversity of our community of members who come from all walks of life. This month, it is only fitting that we feature Korina for our March Member Highlight.

Korina is a dedicated judoka, nurse, and mother. She demonstrates the spirit of judo in more ways than one. At the moment, she is fighting the coronavirus outbreak on the frontlines. We can only imagine that she shows her patients and coworkers in the hospital the amount of focus, determination, and kindness she shows her peers and coaches in the dojo.

Here’s a note from Korina:
Currently, I’m an RN on the frontlines of the COVID19 pandemic. I can’t wait until we overcome the crisis together — if we all do our part — and are able to train our beloved art once again.

Training at Kano: Every place had a certain “vibe,” and from the beginning of my training at Kano, I always felt a very positive vibe here. I think it comes from the culture fostered by the instructors and students here, where people truly care about each other and embody the concept of “Jita Kyoei.” I always leave feeling good, no matter what setbacks or failures I may have faced at training that day.

As for my own journey — I currently have a green belt in judo and a blue belt in BJJ. My dream is to achieve black belt in both arts. I find grappling to be fascinating, like an endlessly evolving puzzle. I feel privileged to have a chance to train and learn alongside such awesome people as I pursue this dream.

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